Friday, December 29, 2006
Google AdSense Law : Not Getting Banned A-Z
This is not definitely going to save your account. I hope to make a long list of everything against the terms and conditions. Don't be greedy. This is still unfinished work. I decided to do this as sometimes the ToS and Program Policies are a bit unclear

Never click on your own AdSense ads. Simple. Final. Never ever. Click fraud is not good. Not even away from home.

Never ask someone to click on your ads. An over zealous family member may not understand and may decide to click 20 times to make you loads of money. Don't be greedy.

No dodgy sites with popups or automatic software installs. You know the ones saying you must click YES to downloading NoSpywareHonest or dialers. Can't change browser setting or anything.

Your site may not be loaded by one of the above ways. Don't register your site in dodgy places.

Don't touch your AdSense code. Not unless you definitely know you aren't going to mess anything up. Really. Especially don't add any premium keyword features (for massive publishers like Amazon) as these mean instant blockage

Don't label ads with "Click Me". Or anything else. The only labels you are allowed are "sponsored links" or "advertisements"

Don't obscure ads. All text must be visible (no messed up colours) and they mustn't be in hidden DIVs or frames or whatever.

Don't try and trick Google. They are clever and also they have your money.

No Google ads alongside pr0n, gambling or illegal stuff

Make sure your page is never loaded inside an unrequested popup

No Google AdSense ads in emails. Also no error pages or thank you pages

Don't force ads to open in a new window and don't provide anything besides a direct link to the clicked on page. Dunno how you would do that anyway. I suppose with window.onbeforeunload. Anyway, you may not intersperse any content between the click and the content and the page they click on must be the exact place they arrive at

Don't ever autofil the search box.

AdSense may not be used in an application. (including toolbars) - only websites.

Website publishers may not display ads on sites containing MP3, Video, News Groups, and Image Results. Copyright reasons.

Don't give incentives to click or bring unnatural attention to the advertisements. This includes "If you are interested in visiting one of our sponsored links during you upload, please right click on the advertisement to avoid interruption of your upload"

Don't display other contextual ads on the same page as Google ads. So, your site could rotate between displaying yahoo and adsense ads on each page but adsense and yahoo on the same page is a big no no.

You can't specify Google ads as alternative ads. Obviously.

Only 1 link unit, 1 referral button per product, 2 search boxes and 3 ad units per page. Strictly.

Only place ads and search boxes and referral buttons on a content page. No domain parking or pages specifically for the purpose of displaying ads.
No robots or click exchanges.

No link schemes or traffic boosting things

Page language must be one of the supported languages. (Sorry no Swahili or Tongue)

Nothing imitating Google AdSense ads, referral buttons or logos.

No competing search services such as MSN search
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