Friday, December 29, 2006
How FireFox help me with my AdSense Account
AdSense accounts can be suspended because of invalid clicks and impressions, and what is invalid clicks and impressions is completely up to them to determine. In this post, there will be many reference to opening links in new tabs in the same window, and the way to do it is to right-click on the link and chose "Open in new tab" or to just middle click on the mouse, which is the most convenient way. But not all mouse have a middle button, so if I said middle click in the post, you should now know the alternative way to do that.

I have an AdSense account as well as blogs with Blogger. I actively edit, update and publish new blogs and often have to check what I have done, or to get some information that I need for my post by checking my post. If I have made a new post and want to see the result, rather than typing in the URL into the address bar to open the blog, I middle click VIEW BLOG tab at the top of the page, and the blog will open in a new tab.

If I edit and publish a post, and want to check the post, I middle click on EDIT POST, and a list of all the posts will appear in a new tab in the same window. In that new tab, I then click on VIEW on the relevant post to open that post. Since I have to do this very frequently, the chances of such activities generating what AdSense as invalid impression is there, but my guess is that their program probably have a way of detecting from where the impressions are coming from, and impressions coming from Blogger links are probably considered as acceptable. In this way, I can do what I need to do without excessive worry about getting into problems with AdSense for invalid impressions.

I may also want to generate AdSense script and paste them into my template blog. All I have to do is to have the AdSense account opened in one tab, then in another tab in the same window, I have my Blogger account logged in and the template editor opened. I can go back and forth between the two tabs without having to lose them to do whatever necessary to get the script added to the blog.

I participate in forums often, and frequently have to refer to my post. One effective way of doing so is to use the blog sitesearch box to find the post and get the url. However, AdSense Help has indicated that while using our own searchbox is not forbidden, it is not encouraged. Thus if you want to stay on the safe side, the other way is to have the forum open in one tab, and then your Blogger account logged in in another tab, and have the EDIT POSTS opened, where there will be a list of all the posts. To find the post, click EDIT in the menu bar, then chose "Find in this page" and in the "Find" box at the bottom of the page, enter a search term known to exist on the title. It is less effective than using the sitesearch box, but is safer. When that fails, I then resort to the blog sitesearch box

Another example. I need to make a link to one of my post while preparing or editing a post, and therefore needs the URL, but I want to keep the post editor opened. One way is to use the sitesearch box to find the post, and then get the link from there. But AdSense Help has indicated that while it is not forbidden to use our own search box, it is discourage. So, to get the link I need, in FireFox, in the post editor, I right-click on EDIT POSTS and chose "Open link in new tab". I then have a full list of all the post, and to get the URL, I right-click on the relevant VIEW link and chose "Copy link location" and then go back to the previous tab where the post editor is and paste the link. Anytime I need another link, I can always go to the tab where the list of posts are and get the link there.
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